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UPDATED November 2, 2016 – The California Public Employees’ Retirement System ( is not only one of the best health insurance companies but also provides retirement planning and retirement investing. Offering services to more than 1.6 million members and more than 2,500 employers. CalPERS membership consists of active, inactive and retired members from the State, school districts, and local public agencies. Below we will discuss 401k retirement plans & federal employee health benefits. We are in no way affiliated with, continue reading for CalPERS login access.

CalPERS Login & Registration 

  1. Visit and follow the steps below:
  2. Select and click on ‘Participant’ or CalPERS Member
  3. Click on the Register Now button
  4. Check the box to agree to the security agreement
  5. Enter your personal information, including; your name, last 4 digits of your Social Security number or your CalPERS Identification Number, and Date of Birth.
  6. You will then be asked to answer a set of questions to validate your identity.
  7. Create your CalPERS Username and Password
  8. Log in using your CalPERS Login

You will be prompted to select your security questions and answers. It’s important to choose questions and answers that you will remember, as you will use this information to reset your password if you forget it. When creating your password make sure to use numbers, letters, and special characters to ensure proper identity theft protection.

calpers login

Open Enrollment on

How to Choose the Right Health Plan – Resources to help you decide are available at
Health Plan Chooser – Weigh benefits and costs for each plan, search for specific doctors, and view overall plan satisfaction ratings.

Essential Enrollment Reminders

  • Check your health plan premium deduction when you change health plans, enroll for the rest time, or add/delete dependents
  • Carefully review your pay warrant to ensure the correct premium deduction was made
  • If you change plans during Open Enrollment and your January statement doesn’t show the new premium payment, please wait; you should see the correct amount on your February bill.
  • If you don’t see the right premium in your February bill, contact your Health Benefits Officer or Human Resources Department or CalPERS, if you are a retiree.
  • Do not continue using your previous health plan

Changing Your Health Plan

You may change your health plan at the following times: If you move, when you retire, if you qualify for Medicare, and during the CalPERS Health Open Enrollment period. Open Enrollment starts November 1, 2016, and ends January 31, 2017.

CalPERS Retirement Benefits

As a participant in the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS), you are eligible for a defined benefit retirement plan, a lifetime benefit determined by a set formula, provided you meet all the necessary requirements.

Using a CalPERS Login provides easy access to retirement and health benefits plans to more than 1.6 million public employees, retirees, and their families. As of June 30, 2008, CalPERS provided pension benefits to 1,126,133 active and inactive members and 476,252 retirees. Its membership is divided among current and retired employees of the State, schools and participating public agencies. About 38% of members are school employees.

Mandatory CalPERS Pension Plan Membership

If you are a full-time employee in a position covered by the CalPERS defined benefit plan, you will be enrolled on your first day of employment. To check your status in the CalPERS system simply use your CalPERS Login to enter your online account at Part-time employees in positions covered by CalPERS may choose to join; the retirement benefits may be different from those offered to full-time employees. when discussing contributions to your CalPERS 401k Retirement Plan employees may pay up to 7% of your salary + 6.2% for Social Security + 1.45% for Medicare. Your employer’s contribution varies from year to year.

Update For CalPERS Medicare Coverage:

UHC or United Healthcare Group will become the single provider of health services in 2016 for four of the Medicare Advantage plans offered at  The decision by the CalPERS Board of Administration makes United the only non-Kaiser, non-PPO Medicare plan for retirees in the system.

The consolidation is expected to save $24 million if at least 40,000 moves into the new Medicare option plan. The shift to the single provider resulted in good news for 2016 Medicare HMO rates, decreasing them by 3.46 percent. Medicare PPOs would be unaffected, with an average rate hike of 9.22 percent in 2016. The CalPERS Board of Administration also approved an overall HMO premium rates, which will jump an average of 7.21 percent next year. The UHC Medicare plan will provide coverage for Medicare Parts A, B, and D.

Final Thoughts on CalPERS Login

Many people do not have an online portal for their retirement and health benefits,  CalPERS Login is revered as one of the best in the industry.  Having the security of knowing that you will receive a portion of your salary every year after you retire provides a level of safety and comfort as you work in your job. In fact, many public workers don’t earn as much as those in the private sector, so it is often viewed as a good tradeoff for working in a public job. Many people say that the pension you could have is so highly coveted that people might forgo their current job just to be eligible for one. Visit for more CalPERS updates or to make changes to your CalPERS Login.

Login Issues

If you forgot your CalPERS login, please see Username Recovery
If you forgot your password, please see Reset Your Password

Note: We are not an affiliate with, and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information



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