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What to Know About NKO Navy Mil

UPDATED November 2, 2016 – Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) is a portal used by active duty, reserve and retired enlisted and officers of the United States Navy. NKO Navy Mil provides information and courses online such as career management, personal development, leadership, learning, references and more. Much of these resources can be used for personal and professional development. For example, the Navy e-learning provides online college courses to further your educational and professional career after your time in the military. We are in no way affiliated with NKO Navy Mil, see below for BOL Navy login access.

With many different IT online college courses, servicemembers can utilize skills they have acquired while serving and apply them to civilian life.  By providing sailors with an educational outlet, NKO Navy Mil is tapping into a larger pool of knowledge that can be shared amongst peers and co-workers.

BOL Navy Online Courses

Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) can be accessed 24/7 online at www.NKO.Navy.Mil outside scheduled maintenance windows. Making use of the NKO Navy Mil database is incredibly easy, especially if you are interested in researching a particular subject. Whether you are looking for some data or you would just like to learn more about the Navy and Navy e-Learning, NKO Navy Mil offers you the possibility of accessing this information system from your PC or Mac.

Who Can Use NKO Navy Mil

– Active Duty & Reservists
– Delayed Entry Personnel once in DEERS database
– Retired Navy, USMC, CG
– Civilians
– Non-appropriated Fund Employees
– Family members IF in DEERS database

nko navy mil

NKO Navy Mil System Requirements

NKO is a web-based system; any computer with Internet access can utilize the site. Users are not required to download and install any client software onto their computer. To access all of the features and functionality of NKO Navy Mil, you will need Microsoft Internet Explore (IE) 5.5 or higher web browser for Windows. This was the browser version adopted by Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI), and NKO was designed to be compatible with this browser. See Microsoft Internet Explorer settings to optimize your computer for using NKO and Navy e-Learning (NEL).

If you have difficulties accessing NKO, you should contact your command for assistance. However, please note that NKO Navy Mil may be offline for certain periods of time as security updates continue. Currently, BOL Navy requires a CAC card for logging in. This is due to the heighten security over the internet. Again, your chain of command should be able to assist you or provide guidance.

History of Navy Knowledge Online (NKO)

Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) is the U.S. Navy’s learning and education Web site, serving over 1.3 million Naval officers and enlisted personnel including Active Duty, Reserves, dependents, civilians, contractors and military retirees. NKO includes white pages, message boards, notifications, administrator functions, and a library of Navy-related information. The online portal, NKO Navy Mil, was initially created for the Navy in 2001 and was created under the same format as the previously established Army Knowledge Online (AKO).

The NKO NAVY Mil online portal’s primary purpose was to contribute additional support to the Navy Education Training Command (NETC) training centers and schoolhouses. The BOL Navy online portal provides a single point to collaborate, access eLearning, and store and retrieve training material.

BOL Navy Login Issues

If you forgot your NKO Navy Mil login, please see Username Recovery
If you forgot your BOL Navy password, please see Reset Your Password

Note: We are not an affiliate with NKO Navy Mil, and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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